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Van Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi senatosu 1915 olayları ile ilgili Joe Biden’in açıklamasını İngilizce kınadı.

Van YYÜ Senatosunun İngilizce açıklaması şöyle; “We, as the members of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Senate, condemn the unfortunate remarks made by US president Joe Biden in April 24 2021 related with the so-called unfounded allegations of genocide and hereby announce the real crux of the matter through this declaration to the public opinion of the world

World War I brought about an unprecedented catastrophe which devastated the world as a result of Europe's imperialist ambitions. This war broke out as a consequence of the so-called Eastern Question policies developed in an attempt to share the lands of the Ottoman Empire, which was considered at that time as the sick man of Europe.

 Numerous projects were implemented in tandem with the policies designed and formulated within the context of the fabricated Eastern Question, which was put into implementation since the 19th century; and political moves were put into the stage for the destruction and fragmentation of the Ottoman Empire in line with these projects. Every initiative put into practice in this direction led to dissolution that would malevolently unleash this spell within the structure of the Ottoman Empire, which was interculturally characterized peaceful state showing the best example of coherent coexistence and interconnectedness of huge swaths of peoples of different origins with a deep understanding of excellent management styles it developed and experienced. In particular, the Ottoman state epitomized good examples of quintessential and firm traditions of intercultural solidarity involving many examples of peaceful coexistence with different cultures chief among them Armenians, who had lived under compassionate Turkish rule for centuries.

Despite these historical realities, the Western imperialists pursued the dream of an Independent Armenia, which had no historical, social and economic basis, and which paved the way for the formation of marginal groups of gangs they recruited from the Armenian community, through the affiliations and the supports of such groups of people as missionaries, who would make these two communities hostile to each other. These marginal groups, together with the gangs organized with the support of the Western imperialists, staged conflicts that would create disaster for both Armenian and all other Muslim and non-Muslim societies in the domains where they formerly lived peacefully.

As such, Armenians rebelled against the Ottoman state and then waged unjust wars as well as perpetrating terroristic actions, and pursued the dream of an Armenian State, with no respect to Turks and Muslims.

The Ottoman state, which was in a great war in Dardanelles, Gallipoli and many other war fronts, tried to prevent further conflicts that could be experienced by taking the necessary measures against this revolt which would become a further nuisance. These measures were taken and implemented within the context of the Ottoman state's right to take peaceful action in congruence with the rule of law and legitimacy of the state. However, the Armenian Diaspora tried to reflect these legitimate measures of the Ottoman state as genocide and gave misinformation to the world, thus manipulating the global public opinion as well as changing the real crux of the matter and the reality.

 As such, it is unfortunate that in spite of the above mentioned historical realities, US President Biden, dwelling upon a partial and subjective viewpoint considered those events that took place in 1915 as genocide. However, the historical records and the scientific realities have already shown that no genocide has ever taken place at any time in history or in any periods of the cultural background of the Turkish nation. In other words, it is a fact universally acknowledged that Turks have always lived in peaceful coexistence with the other nations; and history is witness to the fact that genocidal actions have never been in the traditions of Turks based on the religious credentials which ban such acts. The measures taken in World War I were within the boundaries of the rightful legitimacy of the Ottoman state. Therefore, allegations of genocide have no historical basis or reality.

One of the saddest stories related with the terroristic acts perpetrated by the Armenian gangs and militia in collaboration with Western imperialists took place around a place named Zeve, where Muslims escaped from the terror caused by Armenian gangs; these Muslim people were attacked by those gangs; those helpless people of Turkic origin did nothing than protecting their honour against the inhumanities and the terroristic actions perpetrated by those gangs; they were subjected to torture and martyred in a way that did not suit human dignity.  As members of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, who feel this pain in our hearts at all times, we deny the genocide allegations, condemn President Biden's statement about the so-called allegations and hope that this mistake will be reversed immediately.

 Historiographical studies conducted in many scientific institutions both in Turkey and in various other countries have shown that no genocidal actions ever took place in any period in our history. Similarly numerous studies conducted in different fields and symposiums held on these issues have reached the objective consensus that these allegations of genocide were unfounded based on the data showing no evidence of the so-called genocide alleged to have taken place in 1915 in the studies conducted both in Van Yüzüncü Yıl University and in many other universities in Turkey and the other countries, and it has been repeatedly emphasized with scientific evidence that these slanders do not reflect the real crux of the matter in the light of the ample evidences.

  In spite of the fact that Armenian gangs and militia murdered tens of thousands of Muslim people in Zeve as well as in many other historical sites in the other cities of Turkey, chief among them Erzurum, Ararat, Bitlis, unjust allegations of this sort are being made by ill-intentioned Armenians, though the above-mentioned memories are still alive in our imaginations, President Biden's political statements, which have no scientific basis, have caused deep regret and therefore he does not deserve of any serious profile of a real statesmanship.

This is a declaration respectfully announced to the public.

 Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Senate

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